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How To Keep Your Employees From Leaking Confidential Information

Back in 2014, Code Spaces was murdered. The company offered tools for source code management, but they didn’t have solid control over sensitive information — including their backups. One cyberattack later, and Code Spaces was out of business. Their killer had used some standard techniques, but the most effective was getting an unwitting Code Space…

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What’s Your Why?

Yes, I know – my newsletter made it to your desk a little late this month. But I promise, I have a good reason, a great one even… You see, I’m part of this mastermind group where I get to hang out with 300+ other IT CEOs from all over the world every quarter and…

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How to Change A Water Jug

A couple weeks ago, while sweeping the kitchen floor, my youngest begged me to give him the broom so that he could do the sweeping. While I’m no fan of doing house chores, my first instinct was to simply tell him no so that I could get it done quickly and get it over with.…

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No Jerks Allowed!

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my living room with my 7-year-old blaring Aerosmith (his favorite band) on the radio while dancing with his little brother to “Taste of India”. Yet, something has been on my mind that I simply can’t get rid of and that is one of our company’s immutable laws. I…

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Snow White Never Has A Bad Day

So I thought I would try something new this month… Instead of just filling up our newsletter with technical articles and columns of some of the best speakers and business leaders that I’ve had the opportunity to meet in my recent past, I thought I would start sharing some of my thoughts, beefs, mistakes and…

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