Ultimate Guide to Hiring The Best IT Service Provider

21 questions to ask any computer consultant before
giving them access to your company’s network


Did you know that the IT industry is not regulated like many other professional service industries? We’ll discuss how you can protect yourself by ensuring you select the right IT service provider.

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5 Mistakes to avoid

Some IT service providers may ask to lock you in to lengthy long term contracts that usually only benefits them. This chapter will focus on 5 specific items to confirm before finalizing your decision and signing on that dotted line.

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21 Questions to ask

This chapter will focus primarily on the 21 questions you need to ask your computer service provider before hiring them to ensure they properly support and manage your infrastructure.

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A final word

If you are a business in Winnipeg or Manitoba and are equipped with all the information you need to select the right IT service provider – we can help! This chapter will focus primarily on what should be the next step to get you and your business technologies well taken care of.

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4 Costly Misconceptions

Unfortunately, it is not possible to “set it and forget it” when it comes to properly managing and securing your network. This chapter will reveal the 4 biggest misconceptions that we have seen and heard in the last decade.

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