Manufacturing Firm Winpak Brought to its Knees by Hackers


by: Chris Kitching Winnipeg Free Press Operations at a Winnipeg-based plastic packaging giant were disrupted for about two weeks after its computer network was held “ransom” in a “sophisticated” cyberattack that’s becoming increasingly common in Canada. Hackers infiltrated Winpak Ltd., which has manufacturing plants in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, in a ransomware attack,…

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Onward & Upward

onward and upward

February was one heck of a crazy month for us at Avenir IT. It seems like so much is happening so fast that writing my monthly article has almost become therapeutic as I stop all disruptions and set aside some time to shut down and focus on this one thing. Sure, it’s not quite 5AM…

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St. Boniface Cyberwarriors on the Leading Edge

St. Boniface Cyberwarriors on the Leading edge

by: Gabrielle Piché Winnipeg Free Press Boredom drove Mathieu Manaigre to entrepreneurship. Now, Avenir IT is repeatedly recognized as one of Canada’s best managed information technology businesses. Manaigre’s organization made TechnoPlanet’s list of Canada’s 50 Best Managed IT Companies for a fifth consecutive year. The St. Boniface-based crew accepted the award earlier this month.…

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Why You Need To Get Cyber Insurance

get cyber insurance

Here at Avenir IT – we often get asked questions about Cyber Insurance. Whether or not their business needs it, if it’s “worth it”, and finally if cyber insurance is necessary even though they currently work with a managed IT service provider. The answer to all three of those questions is most definitely – YES!…

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Year-End Review – Onto 2022

new year

How is it already 2022? I feel like the older we get, the faster time passes by, and I’m not so sure I like it! I remember when 2000 rolled over and our biggest worry was the Y2K bug. Is it just me or has the game of life gotten a lot harder these days?…

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Rip My Art Out

take your kid to work day

I don’t know about you – but I really enjoyed the overnight shift from Fall to Winter this year. I usually go into full hermit mode as soon as the first snow flake hits the ground – but I felt like I was ready for change and in fact was looking forward to it! A…

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#Lets Talk Nerdy


October is a lot of things – of course, kids everywhere are circling October 31st as one of their favourite days of the year and we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Monday, October 11th. Personally, I love Thanksgiving – the opportunity to share thanks and love with my family and my kids over an amazing…

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Are You Ready For The Changing Workforce?

changing workforce

The outlook for a post-covid society is looking hopeful. We’ll soon allow our vaccinated friends from the south to visit our beautiful country and I’m looking forward to finally getting to participate in a home game crowd to cheer our Winnipeg Blue Bombers this month!    Here at Avenir IT – we’re also getting ready! We’ve…

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Building A Great Team Through Company Culture

company culture

Currently, at Avenir IT, we have a team of 20 employees. This includes help desk engineers, team leaders, NOC technicians, administration, a lonely salesperson, and our management team. Due mostly to growth – only 8 were with us prior to the pandemic. This means that we’ve added 12 talented individuals to our roster. A roster…

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