Cybersecurity: To Train & Protect

YOUR EMPLOYEES are the #1 Threat to your Business!

65% of organizations fell victim to an email phishing attack last year. Do your employees have
the education and tools they need to keep your business safe?

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Unlimited Cyber Security Training

Educate your employees on security basics with our video based training course plus over 165 micro training videos.

Phishing Identification

Get insights into your employee’s ability to apply their knowledge with a fake phishing email sent to their inbox. Report back with who viewed or clicked the email to confirm who might benefit from more cybersecurity training.

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Dark Web Monitoring

Do you know how much of your data is being shared by cyber-criminals? Identify employee email addresses or passwords that are on the darkweb and ensure proper remediation.

Employee Secure Score

Dark web data, simulated phishing fail rate, and security awareness training make up an employee's Employee Secure Score. Employees get access to a company-wide leaderboard adding friendly competition through screen names and gamification to increase engagement!


Web Content Filtering

Protect your employees from phishing, malware, ransomware and more. Our services also allows the ability to stop your employees from viewing inappropriate or undesirable content, such as adult websites streaming media or one of dozens other categories.

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