Stupid, Dumb Luck

dumb luck

Stupid, Dumb Luck Being an IT services provider specializing in small and medium businesses is a pretty neat gig. On a slow week – I’ll have the opportunity to speak to a dozen business owners or leaders about so much more than just technology. We’ll often have chats about business growth and strategies, marketing, and…

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Save Thousands With Business Automation

business automation

This month – I’ve been reflecting back to an experience from 2019 that involved my brother, Eric. Eric used to manage retail sales for all of Eastern Canada for the largest soft drink manufacturer in the world. He was kind of a big deal – and in 20 years managed to break sales records and…

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Finding Your Inner Beast


We get it. Times are tough, and it is so easy to fall into a rut and call it quits. It is a time for caution and making smarter decisions. Business decisions that not only make sense for your business, but that are also in line with your true feelings and emotions. A couple months…

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My Secret To Happiness

secret to happiness

We live in an angry, negative world. The news is bombarded with upsetting stories. Never ending conflicts, threats of nuclear warfare, pandemics, corruption, incompetence, and the list goes on and on. Social media is no longer a platform where we share our honest thoughts, opinions, and life moments, but instead has become a platform where…

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Surviving The Teenage Years

business growth

Over the last 12 years, I can proudly say that I have mastered the art of hiring great engineers. I am surrounded by amazing talent and it seems like my last hires have all been superstars. As we all know – great businesses need more than great employees, they also need rock solid systems and…

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How To Lead From Afar

How To Manage Your Team And Keep Connected While Working Remotely With a lot businesses quickly having to shift to working from home, there are some managers out there that are struggling with how to lead their team. When we aren’t all in the same office, how do you keep productivity, communication and culture from…

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Avenir IT COVID-19 Response

Our Commitment To Our Clients Mathieu Manaigre, President & CEO, Avenir IT Inc. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across Canada and in our communities, Avenir IT will be taking the following steps effective Wednesday, March 18th to limit the spread of the virus within our organization and our clients: Limit on-site visits We…

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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Remote Access

remote access

Keeping Your Network Safe While Working Remotely As Canada continues to fight the Coronavirus outbreak, one way to reduce the spread is social distancing. For a lot of businesses, that means allowing staff to work from home through remote access. Remote access is when a connection is made to an organization’s internal network. This allows…

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How To Protect Yourself When Holiday Shopping Online

online shopping

Online shopping continues to get better and better for Canadian consumers. Unfortunately, the ease and convenience of online shopping makes the holiday season the perfect time for cyber-criminals to commit fraud and steal information from unsuspecting online shoppers. Three common ways that attackers take advantage of online shoppers are: Creating fraudulent sites and email messages…

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