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Avenir IT’s exclusive and powerful platform to review and manage every aspect of your technology stack.

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Your full time Virtual CIO

No more waiting for that technology review or monthly email to tell you what is going on in your IT infrastructure. Be in the know 24 /7. 

Full access to all things Avenir IT

Maintain full transparency of every minute worked, every managed computer asset, every dollar spent anytime. 

Mission Control
Mission Control

Real Time KPIs

Maintain full accountability of your IT services with real time KPIs, and performance metrics - available 24 / 7.

Feature List

Our Mission Control platform is in active production with new features added frequently.


Review real time KPIs of your IT technology stack.

Helpdesk Satisfaction

Ensure your team is happy with our work with real time satisfaction and performance metrics.


Review and approve estimates and invoices.

Service Requests

Create, review or respond to every service request with our team in real time.

Staff Management

Easily add or remove staff from your personalized IT service plans.

No cost

Avenir IT's Mission Control portal is included with all of our plans at no extra cost.

Asset Management

Review all assets managed by Avenir IT, including purchase and warranty dates.

Proactive Alerts

Review real time alerts created by our monitoring systems.

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