Onward & Upward

February was one heck of a crazy month for us at Avenir IT. It seems like so much is happening so fast that writing my monthly article has almost become therapeutic as I stop all disruptions and set aside some time to shut down and focus on this one thing. Sure, it’s not quite 5AM yet – but for some reason, it seems that my body has decided that my days now start between 3:30 and 4:00AM and I love it!

The amount of quality time I get between then and the official start of the day has been phenomenal. It’s as though I can fit in 8 hours of work plus my morning exercises in the 4 hours before real life begins! It’s also been a great time to stop, think and plan out our next steps as a business as we explore new horizons in this exciting game of life.

As you may know, February saw a lot of changes – from our rebuilt Cybersecurity offering (https://avenirit.com/advanced- security/), the official launch of Avenir IT Co-Managed services (https://avenirit.com/co-managed-it-services/) and the incredible success of the first phase of launching our custom built centralized customer portal: Mission Control.

February also saw some great recognition as Canada’s top 50 best managed IT companies, and a huge thanks to the Winnipeg Free Press that did a great piece on our team and recent successes titled “St.Boniface cyberwarriors on the leading edge”. (https://www.winnipegfreepress.c om/business/542-or-36-1-st-boniface-cyberwarriors-on-the-leading- edge- 576224832.html)

Behind the scenes, our COO, Melissa Ross has been hard at work revamping our staff benefits, introducing a new RRSP matching program, among other great investments towards the most important element of Avenir IT – our people. It’s hard to believe that in this same month, we welcomed a new Operations Manager, Derek Rocan, and hired our 23rd staff member! Did I mention that we’re also hard at work at finding a new space so that we can finally bring everybody back together in a safe environment?

It’s strange really sitting here and writing this post while thinking back to where we were 5 years ago, in 2017, celebrating our 9 years in business with a team of four technicians, and trying to figure out where we would be in five years’ time. Although our goal to be the most loved IT company in Canada and the best place to work has never changed, I feel that we are now in a better place than ever to get there and closing in on our target. I mean, what better recognition can you have as a business leader than being considered the best place to work?

Yes, this has been a crazy month. A crazy great month! I hope we get more Februaries (can you pluralize a month?), and I look forward to looking back in five years to what we were today, in 2022 and all that we have learned and adapted to during that time.

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