Year-End Review – Onto 2022

How is it already 2022? I feel like the older we get, the faster time passes by, and I’m not so sure I like it! I remember when 2000 rolled over and our biggest worry was the Y2K bug. Is it just me or has the game of life gotten a lot harder these days?

While 2021 was not without its challenges for a lot of us, we were blessed to have another healthy year at Avenir IT that has allowed us to grow through the pandemic. Like many other businesses, we are trying to navigate the waters of insane vendor inflation rates, new work opportunities and most of all – the continuously evolving world of new cyber threats and attacks geared towards the small businesses we serve. Cyber criminals have become vultures waiting to pounce on any tiny mistake or wrong personal decision we make. While most small businesses are understanding the importance of cyber security and real time monitoring – some still seem to believe they are invisible.

Our world is changing – and as business owners it is important to recognize these changes and adapt your business accordingly. I know we have, and our service offering of today is so much different than what it was not even 3 years ago! Truth be told – we are extremely excited about what is next for us and where the next 5 years will take us. The IT landscape is changing fast – and it is so critically important that you partner with the right IT vendors to ensure they can take you there.

Throughout 2021, we continued our reign of top 3 best rated IT company in Winnipeg as well as top 50 best managed IT company in Canada which is always very humbling! 2021 also saw our team more than double. While Covid prevented us from all getting together often this year – it really felt amazing to host a team of nearly 50 people at our staff Christmas Party. Back in 2019 – we were a whopping 12! We added the following amazing people to our team: Paige Berard – Administrative and Marketing Assistant, Clarissa Chen – Sales Representative, Corey Goslin – Help Desk technician, Derek Rocan – Level 3 technician and team lead, Derrick Wong – NOC Engineer, Eric Kelln – Help Desk technician, James Baldwin – Dedicated technician, Manu Perron – Help Desk technician, MJ Gamolo – Dedicated technician, Rain Anderson – Help Desk technician and Sahib Sekhon – Help Desk Technician.

The best part? They are all truly amazing people and make up the awesome culture and way of being here at Avenir IT. The bad? We outgrew our office once again for the third time in as many years. In fact – our COO, Melissa Ross asked me to forfeit my office space in the Spring and work from home full time.

Covid aside – 2021 was a great year and we have two big goals for 2022:

Be the best IT services provider in Manitoba, offering the best user experience and fastest response times ever.

Be the best company to work for in Canada.

We have big plans and bigger ideas and as long as we continue to have the right people in the right seats – I don’t have a doubt in my mind that 2022 will be the best year ever. We all get the exact same 365 days, the only difference is what we do with them.

On that note – make sure to keep an eye on your inbox as we launch the first phase of a brand new, innovative service in mid-January. Best of all, at no cost to you if you are an existing client of Avenir IT – no matter the level of service. I’m already so excited about this launch and counting down the days until we can invite you for a sneak peak. I’ll give you a hint – it’s called Avenir IT: Mission Control and I am So. Darn. Excited!!!!!

May 2022 bless you with good health, wealth and most importantly happiness, my friends.



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