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Avenir IT Commits $2.5M of Services to Help Protect 1,000 Manitoba Businesses

Avenir IT is committed to protecting 1,000 Manitoba Businesses by providing a cyber security scan with analysis and action plan for FREE. This type of analysis would typically cost a business upwards of $2500. However, in an effort to give back to our community and help build stronger businesses, we are offering this program at NO COST. Best of all, there’s no fine print.

Cybercrime is at an all-time high. Since 2016, Cybercrime has increased by over 300% in Manitoba, and combined with current world affairs, there is no doubt that our local businesses are under attack, and we want to help!

Phishing attacks are prolific, highly effective, and put the hacker right inside your systems. These cyberattacks are a great example of why you should sign up for a security scan.

The security analysis will give you insight into:

This is great!

Odds are that your IT department is overworked and struggling to keep up with all your daily operational needs and Cybersecurity requirements. This is not necessarily at the fault of your IT department. Cyber threats are way up – and it may be nearly impossible for your team to keep up.

If you like, have them be involved in the Security Analysis process. We will happily go over the results with you and your team as well as share the proposed action plan to resolve any issues we find.

Our team and solutions can be made available to you to work in conjunction with your internal IT.


We’re happy to hear that you are investing in your technology and doing what you can to ensure you work in a secure and well supported environment. This analysis will be a great tool to ensure that you’re outsourced IT is properly securing and supporting your environment.

However, we do not recommend involving them in the analysis phase of our process to prevent anybody from feeling targeted or needing to defend themselves. We will be sharing the results and action plan with you to do what you will – including handing it to your current IT service provider for resolution.

Our team and solutions can be made available to you to work in conjunction with your current outsourced team.

No problem!

No matter the size of your business, we are happy to provide you with this complementary service and action plan. We will go over any issues discovered along with actions required to resolve these issues.

Our team and solutions can be made available to you or we may recommend other paths to ensure you can properly protect your environment.

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