Why Our Website is Kind of a Big Deal

We’ve been hard at work on our new website and it’s kind of a big deal. Our launch last week was a very exciting and uncertain moment as not only did we completely rebuild our website to match our image of simplicity – but also solidified our efforts to achieve our goal of being the most loved IT company and the best place to work in Canada.

Another reason our website is kind of a big deal is that we are going where no other IT company has gone by posting our pricing online. We know our competitors will follow soon – but we felt it was important for us to do so to prove to our prospective customer base that we have nothing to hide and want to be as transparent as possible from day 1. No need to force your company through tedious network analysis (although they are still available), or force you through a week long process and 3 hour presentations just to get this key information.

Ever since 2008, we have always tried to be as transparent as ever, however with the recent launch of our exclusive customer portal (Avenir IT Mission Control) and our new website – we feel that we have taken a massive stride in the right direction and are leading the way to clear, simple and dare I say fun Managed IT services in Canada.

This is a proud moment for us – and we are so happy to get to share it with you.

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