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Do I Need An Acceptable Usage Policy?

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What is an AUP?

You have a code of conduct, human resources manual of do's and don'ts, terms of service for your company phone and maybe a non-disclosure agreement, but do you have an acceptable usage policy?

Sometimes referred to as an Internet and Email policy or acceptable IT policy. An AUP serves the same functions as a Terms of Service agreement that you see when signing up for a new device. These policies deem what behaviour is acceptable from users that work in or are connected to the network.

An Acceptable Use Policy is also one of the few documents that can physically show “due diligence” with regards to the security of your network and the protection of sensitive information and client data in the event of a breach or regulatory audit.

At Avenir IT, we are committed to Cyber Security and want you to be properly prepared. In this download you'll receive; a free usable AUP template to get you started as well as tips and guidelines on how to use it.

Keep your staff safe and your network secure. Download our free Acceptable Usage Policy template to get started today!


Human Resources Manual

Code Of Conduct

Device Terms of Service

Acceptable Usage Policy?

Why do you need an Acceptable Usage Policy?


Bandwidth Costs: Heavy graphics, video clips, and audio files are particularly notorious for clogging digital pipelines. If your staff is uploading photos of their family vacation, paying bills online, watching movies or downloading music, they are using up a huge amount of expensive bandwidth and slowing down your organization as a result.

Loss of Productivity: Emails, social media and streaming sites offer a temptation that is hard to resist; that’s why 73% of employees admit to using at least an hour of company time a day to personal use of technology and the internet.

Malware and Spyware: Employees are the number 1 cause of malware and data breaches. They can accidentally download harmful viruses and spyware through streaming sites, music and app downloads, screen savers, and other online files.  A recent survey of Canadian organizations found the vast majority (88 per cent) experienced a data breach over the last 12 months.

Legal Liability: PIPEDA has changed how Canadians can collect and store data and there are strict rules in place for email spam and data breaches; coupled with copyright infringement, illegal downloads and even discrimination and harassment suits stemming from employee file sharing. These are just some of the things that can have your organization facing a liability lawsuit.

Most employees do not want to be the cause of a network breach or data loss, yet one in five will do so either through malware or malicious WiFi. Depending on the type of data that passes or is stored on your network, your BYOD policy and who/what has access to your network – an acceptable usage policy is an integral part of your organizations cyber security strategy.

If you would like help creating your AUP or more information on how Avenir IT can help keep your network and data secure, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Greg SchmidtWe engaged Avenir IT in 2017. At that time, we were struggling with our technology strategy. Avenir IT brought an approach and vision that gave us comfort and an understanding of the direction that we needed to take. Their open and honest approach was extremely appreciated. If you are struggling with your current IT provider, I would suggest that you give Avenir IT a call.

Greg Schmidt
Partner, Rob-Lyn Financial 

GENEVIÈVE PELLETIERWe have entrusted our IT needs to Avenir IT since 2009. Since then, we’ve been very happy with their friendly and reliable service and knowledgeable staff.

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Louis AllainAvenir IT has been delivering an excellent service for several years. They master the big picture of developing procedures that enable us to maintain the proper software and to renew hardware on a long term plan. Overall, we are very pleased with the quality of their work and for their friendly and generous advice to solve technical problems.

Louis Allain
Executive Director, CDEM

Matt RobinsSince switching our IT service to Avenir IT, we are confident that all our technologies are being handled with our best interests in mind. Furthermore, Avenir IT’s staff are professional and great at ensuring their work is completed on time and on budget. If you have any concerns regarding current IT set up and management, don’t hesitate to make the change.

Matt Robins
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Dwayne BennetAvenir IT has provided us with an IT network that is specifically tailored to our business needs. The greatest benefit of working with Avenir IT has been the overall stability of our network and the peace of mind knowing that our network is in good hands. The technicians at Avenir IT are quick to address any IT issues that arise and do a great job at proactively preventing potential issues. 

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We have been a client of Avenir since 2014 and have experienced growth in my business every year since. Avenir has been at our side the whole time, anticipating our needs and meeting them. Even going out of their way more times then we can count in order for our business to keep on the steady path. Their experienced staff and outstanding knowledge regarding trends and threats, combined with their service, make me feel as if they exist solely for me.

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