New HQ For Avenir – Business Owner Thrives On Building Relationships

by: Simon Fuller

Free Press Community Review

Mathieu Manaigre’s interest in technology started an early age.

So it’s fitting, then, that the early Apple computer and printer that now lives in the headquarters of his St. Boniface-based company not only serves as a reminder of his childhood, but also how quickly things can change in a relatively short time.

(Manaigre is the founder and chief executive officer of Avenir IT inc., which is now located at 111-420 Des Meurons St., having been previously been based on Provencher Boulevard. Having been busy moving into the new premises in recent months, the company will hold a slightly belated 10-year anniversary celebration in the form of a customer appreciation day and open house on Thurs., Feb. 28, when community members and clients are invited to meet Manaigre’s team and partake in free beverages, appetizers and giveaways.)

Avenir IT inc. was founded in 2008 as a technology management firm dedicated to helping business owners and executives operating small or medium-sized businesses, and delivering computer support and IT solutions tailored to the individual needs of the client.

“It will be 11 years in April,” said Manaigre, 36, who recently returned from an event in Toronto, as the company was ranked among Canada’s 50 best managed IT companies by eChannelNEWS and eCNTV for the second year in a row.

“For us, this new office space is important, as we want to be able to do in-person training for five to 10 people, and we feel this new space has given us this option and room to grow.”

In a nutshell, the company helps businesses protect their technological environment, monitor their environment, and make sure it’s secure.

“We’ll typically manage their whole infrastructure,” said Manaigre, who grew up in Windsor Park and attended Collège Louis-Riel before continuing his education at Red River College.

Reflecting on the last decade and a bit, Manaigre said it’s interesting how the business, as well as its role in the community, has evolved.

Some of the members of the Avenir IT team. From left: Alana Manaigre, Mathieu Manaigre, Sean Fogg, Andre Danneels, Nick Roy, and Melissa Ross pictured on Feb. 13 at the company’s new office on Des Meurons Street.

“I feel that there’s definitely a huge focus on the user experience with what we do, and we also believe very strongly in relationship-building and communication,” he said.Bottom of Form

“It’s interesting how my passion has changed slightly in the last four or five years, as before I was a technician going to work every day, and since then I’ve developed a passion for business.”

One of the day-to-day aspects of the business Manaigre is problem-solving, which is married to the pleasure he gets when he helps a client.

“For example, it could be a process that took the business six hours that now takes them two. I love that side of technology, and how there’s tools to improve businesses and lives. I’m passionate when I have conversations with clients and I help figure out ways to help them, and the positive energy that brings,” Manaigre said.

In terms of the event, Manaigre said it’s a great opportunity to bring members of the community together.

“We’ve been wanting to have a catered event to show our appreciation to clients and show off our new office space, and invite the community and our neighbours out. These past 10 years have been really exciting for us. There have been some scary moments, sure – but we’ve built some amazing relationships with our clients, and we’re super excited about the event.”

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